Officers and Directors

The members of the board are elected by the membership. Elections are held at the May annual meeting. Officers are elected the day following the Annual Meeting by the members of the board at the annual reorganization meeting. The board members volunteer their time and are only compensated a small travel expense for their service.

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Scot Bedik
  • Daniel Berkowicz
  • Joan Collins
  • Irwin Gitlin
  • Russ Heyman, Vice President
  • Robert Kaplan, President
  • Zane Morganstein
  • Diane Sandbothe
  • Guy Jollie, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Richard Penchansky, Director Emeritus

Credit Committee

  • Irwin Gitlin
  • Russ Heyman
  • Robert Kaplan
  • Zane Morganstein
  • Daniel Berkowicz

Supervisory Committee

  • Irwin Gitlin, Chairperson
  • Ronald Kates
  • Ed Scannell


  • Guy Jollie, CPA – Manager
  • Cheryl Smiley – Teller
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