The current rates of interest in effect are as follows and are subject to change:

New and Used Auto

  • For periods greater than 60 months: as low as 4.79%
  • For periods up to 60 months: as low as 3.49%

Personal Loans

  • Up to $5,000.00: 8.00%
  • Up to $15,000.00 with 2 co-signers: 7.50%

Share secured loans

  • 1.60%

Loans to businesses never lower than the new or used auto loan rate for 60 months or less except if secured by shares.

Home equity loan

  • 2.0% below prime rate (floor of 4.00%) as published in Wall Street Journal on day of commitment and adjusted on January 1st to the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal


  • Shares for the current quarter: 0.10%
  • One year share certificates: 0.55%
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